Wonderful concert, brimming with musicianship and excitement
Mark Argent, Early Music News
March 2014

A new date in the diary at Bury St Edmunds Festival, playing in a beautiful building of the right period for our programme, the Athenaeum. Expect touches of Flamenco, Americana, samba to add to our usual unique recipe.

October 2013

Bach and the Organist's Daughter enters its next phase, with a performance at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Auditorium in Fitzwilliam College.  Here is our description of the project:

After the phenomenal success of Respectable
Groove's take on Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, the group's latest project
is a quirky and surprising - and at times hilarious - look at the music
associated with baroque music's presiding genius during a curious episode in
his life in which he walked half the length of Germany to meet the great
Buxtehude. 'Bach and the organist's daughter' is a semi-dramatised musical
account of an imagined version of J.S. Bach's adventures as a young man,
featuring some of the folk tunes which inspired his work - including the
Goldberg Variations - improvised fugues and variations, and the musical
backdrop to an extraordinary and formative episode in Bach's life.

From a recent review of our King's Place in Recorder Magazine:

this homage to Bach deserves to take its place in the canon of contemporary musical works...If the first half taught us to expect the unexpected, in no way did it prepare us for the second, which felt so much like a new journey that I genuinely thought I had attended two concerts by the end...in its way the experience was as profound as anything presented by our foremost baroque ensembles

18 May 2013

Premiere of our Bach programme for the King's Place 'Bach Unwrapped' festival, the first half of which, 'Prelude and Groove' juxtaposed paraphrases of preludes from the 48 with our versions of some of Bach's iconic melodies.  The second half was a quasi-theatrical retelling of Bach's walk to Lübeck to meet the great Buxtehude - and his daughter. The concert was extremely enthusiastically received by our audience. Here are a few vox pops:

witty and poetic....quirky, evocative and touching music with a theatrical streak      - a baroque dancer

enchanting concert ... so refreshing and cool to hear the combo of instruments and musical genres on show       - a cinematographer

That was a really fantastic concert on Saturday.  You are all such wonderful musicians and it is hard to contemplate that this was a new area for you. The keyboard playing is at the very heart of it all - such a brilliantly inventive musician and one can feel the ideas buzzing around amongst the group.       - the architect of King’s Place

fabulous, as always!      - a lutenist/academic

A big thank you to you all for providing me with a concert of music that I have been 'searching' for for many years!  Your concert gave me the perfect blend of my favourite music and it was literally thrilling to listen to you all play such a great programme with such virtuosity, bringing in a huge element of fun at the same time.      - a Government-advising music educationist

Sept 2010

Respectable Groove resumes its collaboration with superstar baroque dancer Gilles Poirier at the Rye Festival on 18 September 2010.  Click here to see a clip of Gilles dancing the Entrée d'Apollon, which will be featured in this show.